Collaboration with virtual whiteboard

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miro whiteboard app

How to effectively work with others?

There’s plenty of tools for talking and communicating with others, like Slack or MS teams.

These tools however are not suitable for all types of collaboration. Sometimes it’s easier to work using whiteboards and sticky notes.

During regular (in-place) meetings there’s no problem with tools mentioned above. Most often there’s some kind of board. You take sticky notes and let’s go!

You easily present your ideas, compose processes, or design.

But what about remote work, like nowadays?

There’s app for that, (like many other things) ;)

It works like infinite whiteboard.

What can you accomplish with it?

Whatever you could do with regular/physical one. And much more (physical boundaries doesn’t limit us!).

What are advantages of the app?

  • You can make mind maps,
  • You could build business processes,
  • Execute event storming,
  • Or just organize your notes,
  • You can make simple app’s interface wireframes as well,
  • App allows websites or charts embedding,
  • Everything you can accomplish yourself or in team - everyone at her/his own computer,
  • It integrates with multitude of applications,

Sounds good?

Additionally, basic plan is free and you can create 3 ‘boards’ with it.

What’s the app’s name?

It is Miro. Check out here:

Did you know about it? Will it be useful?