Fetch better than built-in?

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Do you fetch your data?

Do you use fetch in your projects?

I do.

But until couple days ago, I didn’t think about return value of fetch.

During discussion (in a course on frontend architecture) this issue was mentioned by one of the mentors.

Built-in fetch returns Promise<any>

Why didn’t anybody use generics for this?

I decided to save myself (and others) some time and post the improved fetch as npm package


New typings enhance fetch, so you can use fetch<ExpectedReturnType>('fetch-as-usual')

Get a package

If you need improved fetch functionality either copy snippet below or install little npm package and just import it at the top of your app

yarn add --dev ts-generic-fetch
// or
npm install --save-dev ts-generic-fetch

Whole package looks like this

This little snippet improves fetch function typing:

export {}

declare global {
  interface TypedResponse<ReturnData> extends Response {
    json() : ReturnData extends {} ? Promise<ReturnData> : ReturnType<Response["json"]>
    text() : ReturnData extends string ? Promise<ReturnData> : ReturnType<Response["text"]>
  function fetch<T>(input: RequestInfo, init?: RequestInit): Promise<TypedResponse<T>>;