Editable website - quickly adjust web design or make an editor

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There’s useful propery built in modern browsers to adjust your designs faster. Which one?

If you open your console and write following command, magic happens.


What’s design mode?

With the flag turned on, given website becomes editable; document becomes rich-text editor. You can add text or remove it, programatically or manually.

There’s also alternative, contentEditable.

What’s the difference between designMode and contentEditable?

While designMode works for whole document, contentEditable is for single element. Useful when you need text editor within your app.


What’s more Web API allows to call execCommand to programatically copy, cut, paste, etc. if either of the flags above is turned on.

How to work with execCommand?

It’s best to check MDN as it’s great source of programming knowledge. Check out links below.

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