How to get cheaper domains

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for owners of multiple domains

How to save +5$ on domain?

Lately, I’ve found Cloudflare offers Registrar service without markup fees (=cheaper)

If you own domains, you can save by transferring to Cloudflare (not only .com)


It’s especially helpful for those who own many domains

  1. You must own a domain for more than 60 days
  2. It must be valid for more than 15 days
  3. Follow instructions from Cloudflare docs
  4. Enjoy your savings ;)

Did I test it?

Not yet.

Besides .com, multiple other TLDs are possible to move.

Unfortunately, I own TLDs which are not supported, yet.

You can check out registrar here

Where did I get +5$ saving from?

It’s by comparison vs Namecheap (which I’m using for a looong time already - nice service, btw)

~8$ vs ~13,5$

I realize 5$ is not much, but this seems to be extra useful for those owning multitude of domains ;)