Grow (your business) with me

As you are here, you probably think how to use my skills and knowledge to build up (be it your business or other goals)

“How can you help me?”

First of all, it might happen that everything you need is already made. You don’t need to waste your resources if solutions suiting your requirements are viable option. Let’s talk to figure it out.

But, what if you need to build something? Let’s see:

Do you need consultant for your existing web application? I am specializing in web apps.

  • We can talk how to improve it,
  • I can upgrade it to your need.
  • I will work on its speed and maintainability.

Or maybe you want to start your project from scratch? How does it look like?

  1. set scope for a project
  2. plan features, (preferably) starting from most important ones
  3. determine right architecture for your service (complex design would be overkill for small app)
  4. implement it
  5. launch

Do you want your people to learn better frontend techniques?

  • Knowledge of topics like JavaScript, React, architecture or productivity/brain effectiveness are my favourite ones. Scope is up to you.
  • Do you need me to help someone improve on his programming style? 1 on 1 programming mentorship sounds good?
  • Or maybe some lightweight process? Let’s review code; I’ll check out developer’s code and suggest what can be improved.

“Tell me more about yourself?”

I’ve been working as a web engineer for over 8 years.

Besides programming, I love to share knowledge and skills (in podcasts, videos or in person) and for some time I’m passionate about photography and videography.

Furthermore, do you know Gallup’s CliftonStrengths? Let me show you my top 5 talents:

  1. Input - I collect. I love to dig up data and knowledge. Techniques, apps, etc. - each one has its use case. But to know them is the first thing.
  2. Learner - I learn. A lot. I find better ways to do things. I like to pass my knowledge onto others.
  3. Responsibility - I take my words seriously. I am responsible for my work.
  4. Belief - my values drive me. I make things important to me.
  5. Intellection - I think. I dive into complex topics to understand. To clarify. To make better decisions.

These are great foundation to boost your business. Mix of strategic thinking and execution allows me to:

  1. analyze current situation,
  2. setup right environment,
  3. execute.

Next 5 - supportive themes - are ones which help me fix wrong processes, develop others and see further.

“How to contact with you?”

Do you want to ask something else? Contact me?

Let’s talk: [email protected]